Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jared's Epic Governor Bike Ride Trip Makes The Reno Gazette-Journal

The Reno Gazette-Journal's Seth Richardson wrote a spectacular story on Jared's run (or bike) for governor this week.

And I also loved the photo of Richardson took of Jared. Great photo, Seth.

How many times have we seen Jared in a long-sleeve button-down shirt on a bicycle? It's a fantastic photo. And the shirt hardly looks wrinkled!

Jared has already biked more than 900 miles from Las Vegas to the Reno-Carson City area (his future home) as he speaks to Nevada residents along this "Listening Tour." It's 1,400 miles in 14 days for the 47-year-old bicycle marathon man from Blue Diamond who is committed to the environment, education and economy growth.

While pedaling this circuit, Jared has spoken with small business owners across the state such as Kelly Garni, the famed bass player from the band, Quiet Riot, who owns the Ghost Town Art & Coffee Shop in Pioche.

I also hope you have been enjoying Jared's daily Relive your ride graphic, which shows a very cool 3-D aerial summary showing Jared's daily rides through Nevada's mountainous and high-desert terrain.


Jared's run for governor has also caught the attention of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN).

And just last month, the Review-Journal's Colton Lochhead wrote this story on Jared's run.

Great political leaders have walked and biked their ways through their states en route to major victories and Jared -- already well-known in the Las Vegas area -- is already making his mark by touching so many people in Nevada's small towns on a one-by-one basis.

This is the type of devotion and commitment you will get from Jared as the state's next governor.

To help Jared's campaign or find out more, log onto Fisher's campaign website.

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