Sunday, April 19, 2009

Photo Summary of Sea Otter

I'm back in Tampa and breezing through the photos from the Sea Otter Classic from the hills outside Monterey brought back pleasant memories of a wonderful few days in California. It's northern California that gave birth to mountain biking and the Sea Otter Classic has grown into one of the premier all-around fun bicycle events in the country. Four days of bicycle racing, events and velo-loving.

The surrounding landscape is stunning.

The racing.

Great details all around.

You mean Clif Bar has an energy bar? I thought they are a beer glass manufacturer.

I need one of these flags for SWFBUD and the Bicycle Bash by the Bay

David and Tammy sold Tour de France caps and T-shirts.

The kids had a grand time.

Lots of fun people and fun bikes.

On Saturday night, the Bicycle Leadership Conference ended with a terrific dinner on Cannery Row in Monterey. Ken Grossman, the founder of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., was the guest speaker and showed a great slide show, which included this beauty of a bicycling bar.

An incredible bicycle conference in Monterey ended with a nice photo with Ken. Beer and bicycling -- a lovely match.

OK, now I see why beer is so popular in the bicycle world.

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