Friday, April 10, 2009

Trying To Avoid Being Doored

I was doored twice while bike-commuting in New York City. It's no fun to be struck by a door swinging open and then falling to the pavement. Lucky for me, no broken bones. Just sore ribs and collarbone.

My pal Picot Floyd sent a cool link on the subject.

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Denis A. Baldwin said...

A decade ago, I accidently doored someone. I parallel parked on a busy street and opened the driver's door without paying much attention. As I did, a pretty hefty biker (over 6 foot and probably 250 pounds) took the door off my Eagle Talon. Like, literally slammed into it and took it straight off the hinges.

He was fine, considering the impact. My door wasn't so lucky. He not only bent the door itself but the hinges as well so I had to replace the whole setup.

His bike was pretty badly damaged and he was thrown a good 10 feet or so, but I helped him up and ended up giving him (and his mangled bike) a ride home. I felt bad for the guy, but he didn't seem to be too banged up so nothing ever came of it.