Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike To Work Day, Tampa-Style

Today is National Bike to Work Day and I joined four others at the Starbucks in Seminole Heights for a ride into downtown Tampa. The Tampa Downtown Pernership, under the tutalage of Karen Kress, set up 12 bike routes from all directions to lead bike commuters into downtown.

We joined some 20 other bicyclists at the downtown Indigos's coffeehouse. There were the makings of a real-live bicycle movement around here as we swapped biking stories and tales about our bicycles. I reprsented SWFBUD, while Just Ride Bicycles shop owner snd SWFBUD member David Luppino was there, too.

Michael Moule, a downtown street planner and bike commuter was there, along with more than a half-dozen HOK Architect employees and Jim Shirk, of course, all around Tampa bicycle guy. In all, it was a wonderful feel.

Here, Karen and Gena Torres bike down Central Avenue on the way to downtown

The magnificent mane of hair flowing from the back of the helmet is connected to the head of none other than Gena Torres, coordinator for the Hillsborough County/Tampa Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Kimberly comes around the corner on the way to downtown Tampa.

Now that's a front handlebar bag!

There's Niko with her classic three-speed commuter bike. Great front basket.

Great crowd.

Off to work. On a bicycle.

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