Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Closing The Circle Around Lake Okeechobee

Another year, another November one-day bike ride around Lake Okeechobee. Nice tailwinds from Okeechobee to Moore Haven, then headwinds and rain in South Bay but a clearing of the sky on the Big Lake's east side made for a terrific completing of the Lake O circle.

Want to buy downtown Moore Haven? There it is.

The architectural highlight of Glades County and Moore Haven.

Sweetness! My own bike lane on US 27 between Moore Haven and Clewiston.

If I had to do a movie about Lake Okeechobee, I'd use Pahokee as my setting.

Like I said, only in Pahokee. Drive-thru thrift store? Are you kidding me.

Another happy customer.

The theater in Pahokee could use some help.

The fertile soil around Lake O is everywhere.

It's a great part of the ride -- US 441 on the east side of Lake O. This is in Port Mayaca.

I just love what residents do in Canal Point with their front lawns.

Can't do the Lake O Ride without taking the Sand Cut sign photo.

Those 7 folks who live in Sand Cut have a sense of humor.

The Big Lake -- this is a view at Port Mayaca, a small smattering of 12 houses or so in west Martin County.

That's life in the country -- just blast your horn if you want to buy a rose bush in Port Mayaca.

Not every home around Okeechobee is a trailer. These snazzy numbers are along a canal that's along the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail that lines the Big Lake.

On State Road 70 driving home to Tampa.

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