Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stolen: 26" Fuji Road Bike With GPS On Handlebar

Stolen carbon road bike -- be on the lookout.

26" mens Fuji black with "fuji" in gray letters; carbon road bike.

GPS on handle bars. Valued at $4,000

Owner Peco called University Bicycle Center and asked them to look out. All bike clubs: watch out for the bike for sale or trade or on the road.

If sighted, call TPD at 231-6130 (non emergency dispatch).

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CyclerJim said...

Hate to state the obvious, but I must. Craigslist should be watched carefully, especially when the heat is off. Listings for the surrounding areas like Orlando, Sarasota & Ft.Myers should be of special interest because of the value of the bike. It would make sense that the thief would go in that direction since those cities are an easy drive. I would make Craigslist tabs for all four cities on my browser and set as home pages so that each time I log on, all would be in my face. It would be wonderful if this bike is recovered.