Monday, November 22, 2010

SWFBUD and Ed Collins Interview Tampa Mayoral Candidate Thomas Scott About Bicycling

SWFBUD is interviewing Tampa mayoral candidates to get their views on bicycling. The mayoral election is only four months away. Today, SWFBUD caught up with Thomas Scott, current city council chairman and former Hillsborough County Commissioner. Ed Collins, whose dad was killed while riding a bicycle in Tampa on Jily 29, joined me in talking with candidate Scott. Here are the highlights about Scott's views on bicycling if elected mayor:

-- Considers bicycling "a major issue" in light of the rash of recent bicycle deaths in the Tampa Bay area.

-- Will hire a national bicycle expert to identify bike routes.

-- The ciy will puruse grants more agressively for bicycle infrastructure.

-- "It has to be a priority."

-- TV Commercials will be aired to educate car drivers to watch our for bicyclists.

-- Look at including bicycle safety messages in water and energy bills.

-- His grandkids ride bicycles so he's concerned.

-- Educate the working poor about bicycling.

-- Have a public forum like a bicycle summit.

-- Look at bicycling at mobility and a mode of transportation.

-- "We have to make it happen."

1 comment:

peep said...

"hire a national bicycle expert to identify routes" ?
Don't understand how anyone outside Hillsborough County would be better than regular local riders.

Every other point sounds great, though.