Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Riding This Morning With CBE To Honor The Tour's Last Day

Thank you SWFBUD bike shop store Carrollwood Bicycle Emporium for putting on a cool bike ride this morning to honor the last day of the Tour de France. CBE has been holding fun Tour rides the past few years and today's ride drew about 80 riders as no less than four differemt groups of about 20 cyclists each pedaled from the CBE store on North Dale Mabry Highway to downtown Safety Harbor and back -- a nice 40-miler.

CBE owner Brian Eckman and his lovely wife Jackie had snacks, sodas and beers ready back at the store and the Roasted Pheasant Bistro partnered with CBE to offer free snack foods only a few storefronts away.

It was a wonderful morning of cycling as I biked with my two Seminole Heights pals, Doug and Nick, to CBE and saw some bike friends like big Manny and Michael Edgerly for the ride and made new friends, too.

On the way back, it was cool to bike with Michael Edgerly of Westchase and David of Trinity, who biked in a single gear the whole way because his gear shifter was not working.

Thank you Chef Peter at the Roasted Pheasant Bistro, who provided free snacks and mimosas near CBE.

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