Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seminole Heights Bicycle Club Celebrates Cycling and Arts With Pedal America TV Show In Town

Of all the wonderful scenes that played out today as the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club hosted a 12-mile bike ride to Hyde Park Village and back and a local bicycle art show as the Pedal America TV show came to film the SHBC, I recall one terrific anecdote.

Our group of 35 diverse cyclists pedaling everything from road bikes to mountain bikes to fixed gears to tandems was heading south on Tampa Street a few miles north of downtown Tampa and a group of about a half-dozen young men were on the sidewalk. We rung our bikes bells and said hey and the guys reached out to give us high fives.

And there it was for all to see. The essence of bicycling is about making connections -- with one's neighbors, local businesses and even people you never knew until they shared high fives with you on a bike ride.

Pedal America, a new PBS TV show that will run a segment on the SHBC in May 2012, came along for our 12-mile ride to Hyde Park Village and back.

And then we returned to Seminole Heights, we had a wonderful art show that exhibited paintings, photos and even furniture with a bicycle theme.

I want to thank Rodney at Indigo Coffee who gave use free water at Hyde Park Village; Anthony and Elke at Reservations in Seminole Heights who donated a great big bowl of pasta salad; Veronica at The Independent who gave us a hummus dish; and the good folks at Publix who gave use a big box of granola bark packed with delicious raisens and nuts.

Let's go for the ride today!

Here's Tanja Vidovic, who rode with her daughter Kalina. Tanja did amazing paintings featuring bicyclist subjects for today's art show.

There's Ira David Levy, host of Pedal America, chatting with Nanette before today's ride.

Doug, the ride leader, addresses the crowd.

Bicyclists gather for our ride.

We're cycling south on Tampa Street passing through the MLK Blvd. intersection.

There's Jared biking in the bike lane.

We took the lane on Kennedy on the way to the University of Tampa because the lane was too narrow.

Biking to Hyde Park Village.

There's Rodney of Indigo Coffee. whoo gave us free water, with Pedal America's Ira David Levy and Stephanie.

The wall of bicycle art and photos.

Tanja talks with the Pedal America crew about her paintings.

Bridget did a great job pulling the art show together at her cottage.

Tanja does her painting.

Another Tanja painting.

Sitting at the cool bicycle table.

Bridget dod a wonderful job arranging the art show.

Here's a cool painting done by Tanja.

Tanja did live bicycle art.

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