Monday, February 27, 2012

Letter Writer/Bicyclist Glen Fires Off Another Letter -- This Time To AAA

Glen Gullickson strikes again. The wrench at SWFBUD member shop Bicycle Outfitters writes another letter with a strong message.

If Glen can write letters, you can, too. Contact your local congressman or congresswoman and tell them to keep the bike and pedestrian money in the Transportation Bill.

Dear Sandy Klim,

A few months ago, "Going Places" featured a letter from the President and
the Chief Operating Officer at the newly combined AAA South group. I sent
them an email and have not had the courtesy of a reply from them or their
office staff-very unlike AAA!

The concerns I addressed to them and that I would like to share with you
are about AAA involvement in enhancing road safety for drivers, bicyclists
and pedestrians.

Congress is currently trying to eliminate a Transportation Enhancement
program that has been part of the Federal Highway program since Ronald
Reagan was President. It is in all of our best interests (drivers,
cyclists and walkers) to do whatever we can to enhance the commuting
experience for all users of roads and their infrastructure. AAA should be
100% behind the effort to preserve this TE!

As I'm sure you are aware, bicyclists using roadways are considered motor
vehicles. They are obligated to follow the same laws as vehicular traffic
AND they have the same rights as vehicular traffic. AAA would be providing
a valuable service to ALL transportation infrastructure users by 1) fully
supporting legislation that enhances safety and pleasure for ALL roadway
users and 2) helping educate the general driving public about the rights
of non-motorized infrastructure users.

AAA carries a big stick in Washington, D.C. and I'm sure they can help
promote both of these points to our elected officials, IF THEY CHOOSE TO!
The bicycle/pedestrian lobby is vocal, they are being heard AND they vote!
I encourage you to start the wheels rolling (pun intended!) on this issue.
If I can be of ANY assistance, please contact me.

Sincerely Yours,

Glen A. Gullickson
a AAA member that does bicycle!

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