Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let's Post Wrong Way Signs Along Bike Lanes For Wrong Way Bicyclists In Tampa Bay

Nearly two years ago bicycle safety folks had meetings to address all the bicyclists getting killed in Hillsborough County and Tampa and under the umbrella of the bicycle safety action plan there was an idea to post "Wrong Way" signs along bike lanes.

Well, what ever happened to those signs in Hillsborough County, land of the wrong-way salmon bicyclist? Every day when I bike I always face one of these wrong-way bikers.

Here's a Wrong Way sign in Manhattan. How about we post these signs in Hillsborough and Tampa bike lanes.


Anonymous said...

Lobby the police to enforce the law (handing out tickets). This prevents signage fatigue for all road users. It also avoids that, "Oh, crap!" moment when you see a sign that says WRONG WAY, slam on the brakes and then you notice that it's just for bikes. Your heart then resumes a more normal rhythm. :-) This is a legitimate motorist response because wrong way signs usually apply to all traffic, regardless of mode.

Chuck Welch said...

We have a few of those up now in Lakeland. I've seen fewer salmon cyclists.