Friday, October 24, 2014

Bicycle Is Beautiful

For massive traffic scenes like the crush of cars around the Life Is Beautiful footprint in downtown Las Vegas today and this weekend, the bicycle is beautiful.

LIB staged a bicycle parking area on Carson just a block or two from the festival gates.

Life Is Beautiful is a super-buffet of diverse acts ranging from Kanye West to Lionel Richie to Pussy Riot offering a discussion to chefs to Oscar Goodman and artists to Ferris wheels and murals, with lots of food and beer and booze all around.

It was a young crowd. with lots of guys with beards and tattoos and gals with multi-color hair, sundresses and Converse sneakers.

Life Is Beautiful -- the art, music, culinary and food festival -- has Tony Hsieh's fingerprints on it everywhere. In fact, I met Tony's San Francisco entrepreneur pal Raj Kapoor who has launched a fitness business and had one of his employees playing guitar. Below, Tony is chatting at a session where he talked about his entrepreneurship ways.