Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pedaling Through The Burbs (Ugh) To Reach The Cyclovia

I realized today why I don't bike from Summerlin on the Vegas valley's west side to Henderson much.

It's because cycling 25-30 miles one-way through pure suburbia, with its boring landscape and fast-moving SUVs and other suburbia vehicles is just not very pleasant.

I pedaled through the valley's ugly southwest sprawl into the Henderson area of more wide streets, ho-hum suburban architecture and fast-moving, impatient drivers to reach the city of Henderson's cyclovia, uh, I mean "stroll and roll."

I met three guys on road bikes a few miles from the closed road and that was the highlight. Here are the three on the closed Paseo Verde Parkway.

Cool old bikes, including a few Schwinn Sting Rays

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Ron said...

Fantastic event! Great to see this engage people of different ages. More events and presentations, please. Si más bicicletas!