Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hazardous Conditions Close Red Rock Scenic Loop

I went to bike the Red Rock Scenic Loop.

But it's closed.

Hazardous conditions.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal's Henry Brean got the story behind these "hazardous conditions." His story is here and seems there was a little misunderstanding and not hazardous conditions that closed the popular 13-mile loop.

Here's a passage from Henry's story:

Kirsten Cannon, spokeswoman for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in Southern Nevada, said the visitor center was closed at 8 a.m. "due to lack of power." The Scenic Drive was shut down about two hours later because of a "misunderstanding about what areas should be closed during a power outage," Cannon said in an email.
Power was restored later in the day, but the decision was made to keep the area closed because staff and volunteers already had been sent home.

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