Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boar vs. Bicyclist

A funny thing about the boar-hitting-the-bicyclist-at-Flatwoods story I posted earlier today.

I got a pleasant email from bicyclist Kristie Concepcion, who said it was her husband who got struck by the wild pig at the Flatwoods park loop a few weeks ago. I'll let Kristie fill you in . . .

"Short version of the story...we were 4 miles into our ride at Flatwoods on Saturday, March 29th and a huge black hog ran out of one of the fire roads right in front of Joel and I as we were cruising at about 23 mph. Joel hit the hog and flipped. There was no way to avoid it as it happened so fast. Since we were riding in a pace line, I flipped over Joel.

"See the pictures for the results...thankfully no broken bones, just a bunch of road rash, scrapes, and bruises. And one useless bike and 2 cracked helmets. My bike survived with just a minor scratch on the seat, and the bike computer. As a sad side note, the bike that cracked was only a month old."

Kristie also sent a few photos to illustrate her tale of the bicyclist and the boar.

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