Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He Likes Bicyclists and Confederate Flags

On eastbound Morris Bridge Road about a mile east of I-75, a resident who lives in this trailer with a confederate flag matching the size of a U.S. flag has a yellow sign that says that the next bicyclist who dies could be your relative.

Here's the exact language of the sign.

On Thanksgiving day last week, I saw a car in front of the trailer and the door was open so I got off my bicycle and asked if anyone was home. I asked the trailer resident -- a guy who lookd like he was in his 40s wearing long shorts and no shirt -- about the sign.

He said he posted the sign in response to the dangerous-driving motorists after Dr. Robert Niedbalec, a Temple Terrace bicyclist, was killed about three miles west by a speeding motorist in February.

He said the sign is designed to be read by the drivers on Morris Bridge Road.

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