Sunday, November 13, 2011

Elephants and Tanks On The Road -- Oh My!

Bicycling in Tampa Bay has generated a lot of interest and there are several folks creating PSAs to create more awareness about bicycling in this market.

-- The Mark Roman Law Group of Clearwater -- a SWFBUD member -- just released a cycling PSA that stresses that everyone must work together on our roadways.

The youtube video shows four bicyclists sharing the road with cars.

-- Manager Joe Maddon of the Tampa Bay Rays participated in a PSA that was organized by Tampa bicyclist Mary Helen Duke, who used to work for the city of Tampa and is a former member of the local Tampa-Hillsborough Bicycle pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Mary Helen showed the initiative to contact the Rays about making Joe available for a bicycle safety PSA and the Rays agreed to film the PSA. SWFBUD gave Joe Maddon a SWFBUDDY Award for participating in the PSA. Kudos to both Joe and Mary Helen for teaming up on the bike PSA.

-- Hillsborough County's TV station filmed a touching PSA that featured the two daughters of bicyclist Diane Vega, killed by a red-light-running motorist at Himes and Spruce on Oct. 1, 2010.

SWFBUD worked with Hillsborough County on the PSA, which stresses motorists need to respect a bicyclist's right to the road and bicyclists need to respect all traffic laws.
See the Hillsborough County PSA here.

-- The Florida Department of Transportation paid $125,000 to the Troy Dunn advertisement company for a bike-ped campaign that includes a video of elephants and tanks on a road, making it appear as if our roads are very dangerous. The campaign's web site has a home page featuring a graphic video showing pedestrians struck by cars. The DOT-Dunn perspective is that the share the road concept is a cliche and vanilla and they wanted something really cool and cutting edge.

Three years earlier in 2008, my friend Bob the Bicyclist pictured here

advised me to "Watch out for the elephants on the road," and by elephants he meant cars.

Bob compared cars to elephants three years ago, so the Troy Dunn advertisement company's use of elephants seems like a cliche and vanilla.

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