Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lots Of Bicycle Spirit At Today's Swap Meet

Swap meets are fun bicycle parties where you never know who will show up with an offbeat bicycle (like the rickshaw above) or an unusual bike jersey (like the Schaefer beer jersey below). It's a gathering of vendors peddling parts and used bikes and sometime crazy bike stuff -- and along the way the chatter and jokes and connections help build a bicycle culture and community in a town.

That's what I hope gets accomplished with the swap meets I hold such as the gathering at the Sherry's YesterDaze parking lot on Florida Avenue in the Tampa neighborhood of Seminole Heights.

It was wonderful to see terrific friends such as Nereia, Jim, the Jordans, Mike and also make new friends such as Irineo Cabreros, who teaches at the USF School of Art and Art History, and who shared his stories of biking along narrow Linvingston Road from USF to his home.

Thank you Sherry King of Sherry's YesterDaze for loaning out her parking lot and the bicycle folks who came out to enjoy the swap meet. Here are a few peaks at some of the scenes from today.


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Margaret said...

Another great event! Thank you, Alan, for building and promoting multi-faceted bicycling culture within the whole Tampa Bay Area - you've made SUCH a difference here!