Friday, June 22, 2012

Feds Award TIGER Grant for Tampa Riverwalk and Selmon Expressway

As you know, SWFBUD has been pushing its BAM Network proposal, which stands for Bicycle Area Mobility. It includes building three major paved trails to create a bicycle highway system in the Tampa-Hillsborough area. It was great to hear that the US Dept of Transportation will award a TIGER grant for the Riverwalk and Selmon Greenway projects in Tampa. The Selmon Greenway is one of the three major trails along wioth the Tampa Bypass Canal Trail and the South Coast Greenway:

TIGER funds will be used to support bicycle and pedestrian transportation connections downtown. This project will complete the remaining sections of the 2.6 mile Tampa Riverwalk and construct the 1.7-mile Selmon Greenway. This project completes 12 years of planning by providing a 2.4 mile multimodal transportation loop in downtown Tampa. This project is supported by both public and private entities, including a non-profit created specifically for capital fundraising.

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