Monday, June 18, 2012

Andy Says: Contact Your Congressman and Tell Them to Support Bicycling/Walking In the Federal Transportation Bill

Our good bicycle friend in Washington, DC, Andy Clarke who is the president of the League of American Bicyclists, tells us once again that we need to contact our local folks in Congress and advise them to keep bike and ped funding in the federal transportation bill. Here's Andy's message today:

You may be wondering "Why all the action alerts?" and "Will this federal transportation bill EVER be done?" Well, rest assured: You are not alone. We would love for Congress to pass a bill and do what 83% of your fellow American's want -- maintain or increase the percentage of transportation funds going to bicycling and walking. Instead we are having to constantly fight to prevent that funding being stripped altogether. You can be equally sure, however, that your e-mails and calls really do make a difference and there wouldn't be any funding to preserve if you weren't willing to speak up. So, thank you for taking action again today - and for hanging in there with us until the job is done!


Andy Clarke
League President

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