Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Proposed Hillsborough County List of Parks/Trail Projects

Out of the efforts to delay the demolition of the Friendship TrailBridge grew a proposed list of park projects crafted by Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill. He included the TrailBridge, and trail segments of the South Coast Greenway and the connector trail between the Suncoast Trail and Upper Tampa Bay Trail.

Merrill has floated the idea of the county commissioners placing this $85 million package before the Hillsborough County voters on the Nov 6 ballot.

SWFBUD supports letting the people decide on these projects, including building a new TrailBridge and trail segments that are badly needed and have been proposed for years and years.

Parks Projects List                                                                                                            $

1.         Athletic Facilities Improvements Countywide                                                    3,000,000

2.         Brandon Area Recreation Center                                                                   2,200,000

3.         Countywide Soccer Complex                                                                          15,000,000

4.         E.G. Simmons/ECO Tourism Seed Money*                                                      2,200,000

5.         FishHawk Area Recreation Center                                                                   2,200,000

6.         Gibsonton Area Recreation Center/Gardenville School Renovations              3,000,000

7.         Larry Sanders Sports Complex Expansion*                                                     2,000,000

8.         Northdale Recreation Center Expansion                                                          2,200,000

9.         Parks Improvements Countywide                                                                     3,000,000

10.       Progress Village Recreation Center at Larry Sanders Sport Complex             2,200,000

11.       Ruskin Area Recreation Center                                                                       2,200,000

12.       South Coast Greenway Phase I- PD&E/Construction (Includes Bike Trails)    2,412,000

13.       Thonotosassa Area Recreation Center                                                           2,200,000

14.       Town 'N Country Area Recreation Center                                                        2,200,000

15.       Upper Tampa Bay Trail Phase IV A&B*                                                            2,000,000

16.       Upper Tampa Bay Trail Phase IV Land Acquisition/PD&E                               3,000,000

17.       Veterans Park Complex and Memorial Improvements                                      1,000,000

18.       Waterset Sports Complex*                                                                               5,000,000

19.       Wheelchair Softball Fields                                                                                  484,000


Parks, Subtotal Uses                                                                                    $57,496,000

20.       Friendship Trail Bridge                                                                                               27,500,000

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