Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank A SWFBUD Bicycle Store and Lawyer

If you believe SWFBUD has been a strong voice for bicyclists in Tampa Bay and have increased the profile of bicycling in our area, then thank a SWFBUD bike shop or SWFBUD lawyer.

Ten SWFBUD bicycle stores and three bicyclist-lawyers pay me every month to represent their collective voices to show our elected leaders and government agency officials that bicycling needs to be valued as an essential part of our community.

We hold the annual Bicycle Bash Festival to celebrate bicycling in Tampa Bay, attend dozens and dozens of meetings to make sure bicyclists' voices are heard and work behind the scenes to write emails from everything from asking the DOT to clear debris from the Gandy Bridge shoulder to asking Tampa officials to hold a ciclovia event in conjunction with this year's NOV 4 Bicycle Bash in downtown Tampa.

These ten bicycle stores and three lawyers make it financially feasible for me to lobby our local officials to improve bicycling and organize events such as the Bicycle Bash. Please do your bicycle business with these ten shops and three lawyers:

-- ABC Bicycles in St. Petersburg

-- Carrollwood Bicycle Emporium

-- Oliver's Cycle Sports in New Tampa

-- Bicycle Outfitters in Seminole

-- Chainwheel Drive in Clearwater and Palm Harbor

-- Trek Store in South Tampa and Clearwater

-- Street Fit 360 in South Tampa

-- University Bicycle Center in north Tampa

-- Velo Champ in Seminole Heights

-- Trek Store of St. Petersburg

-- Tom Singletary in Tampa

-- J. Steele Olmstead in Tampa

-- Mark Roman Law Group of Clearwater.

These folks pay the freight to allow me to do bicycle advocacy on your behalf. Please take the time to thank these folks by doing business with them.

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