Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Never Alone When Riding A Bicycle

If there are no other bicyclists with me when I ride my bicycle, I am never alone. I ride a route to Flatwoods Park outside Tampa that includes people who live along the circuit who I see every day.

They are part of my ride.

There's the guy at the furniture retoration shop on 40th Street who yells out "Hi-yo silver!" when I pass.

There are the waves and smiles of the lawn care guys edging the sidewalk on McKinley outside Busch Gardens.

And there's the friendly toot of the horn by The Grizz -- a county Flatwoods park worker -- when he he sees me pedaling Morris Bridge Road.

Bicycle: 1
Car: 0


1 comment:

Chris said...

I love the things I see riding my bike to work - and they're things I would never see in a car either. I think my all time favorite was a flock of messenger pigeons that someone was training.