Thursday, August 2, 2012

SWFBUD Welcomes Hillsborough Commission to Move Forward On Upper Tampa Bay-Suncoast Connector Trail

Score another big win for SWFBUD today.

I welcomed today's Hillsborough County Commission's 7-0 vote today to move ahead with a Upper Tampa Bay-Suncoast connector trail project through water district land in north Hillsborough after a neighboring landowner in north County tried to pressure the commissioners to move the alignment.

Such a move would cost $200,000 in a new study, jeopardize $1.4 million in DOT funding and put the project 1-2 years behind schedule.

I testified before the county commissioners that we need to move ahead with connecting the two regional trails to create the longest continuous trail in the state of Florida.

SWFBUD thanks Commissioners Mark Sharpe, Kevin Beckner and Ken Hagan who led the charge and were firmly behind this trail project in the SWFMUD water district land.

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Ric said...

Way to go Alan, I've been following this connector issues for years. I can't wait until they finally complete the entire project and link Upper Tampa Bay Trail from Peterson Park to the Suncoast.