Saturday, July 26, 2014

How About A High 5

Another week, and another High 5 of stories that caught my eye.

1. I've enjoyed ESPN's 30 for 30 series and on Saturday I watched Slaying the Badger, the 1986 epic battle between teammates American Greg Lemond and Frenchman Bernard Hinault

2. Police can crack down on motorists who threaten the safety of bicyclists -- like this fella who pulled over a driver who was tailgating a bicyclist.

3. I don't post stories about bicyclists being killed by motorists to scare people from biking. I do it to remember the life behind the bicyclist, and this fatality was on Las Vegas Boulevard South. Here's a short profile of his life.. And, let's remember the lives of two RAGBRAI bicyclists who died in non-road situations this week. Famed frame builder Tom Teesdale was one of the RAGBRAI bicyclists who died, dying from a heart attack.

4. In fact, bicycling is life-affirming. Consider a retired 71-year-old teacher who biked all 50 states on a recent trip.

5. Never forget. This couple went off for an early-morning bike ride in Clearwater last Labor Day nearly a year ago and never returned. A drunk driving checkpoint in Pinellas County, Fla. was conducted recently in the memory of Robert Lemon, 25, and Hilary Michalak, 27

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