Sunday, December 6, 2015

Riding the Pugsley on the Famed Red Rock Scenic Loop

Last week, the Pugsley chewed up the snow at 9,000 feet on Mount Charleston. Today. I pedaled the Pugsley from my home to the top of the Red Rock Canyon scenic loop, climbing more than 1,500 feet to reach the 4,771 feet at the peak of the scenic drive.

Before today, I never took the single-speed, steel fattie Pugsley beast around the loop because of the steep hills and the Pugsley's lone gear,

But today I was charged up to ride the Pugsley around the hilly loop after talking with the beautiful Beth of Lakeland, who biked her away around the loop with a heavy hybrid when she visited last year. (Beth is a bicycle tour business owner and her BeFly Bike Tours can be seen here.)

So, off I went. Here is finally reach Mile 4

In fact, Mile 2 and Mile 4 have nasty steep grades, but the ride was easier than I anticipated. The single speed did the job and I reached the overlook fairly well.

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