Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bittersweet Final River Mountains Trail Ride

I wouldn't be human if I wasn't a little sad this morning when I biked my last River Mountains Trail, an amazing paved 35-mile roller-coaster of a super-hilly trail that goes through Boulder City, Henderson and the Lake Mead National Rec Area.

Four amazing people who happened to be my bicycle pals joined me on my swansong River Mountains loop -- fellow Brooklynite and super-veterinarian/sciences professor Scott Sofferman; Las Vegas Cyclery owner and America's most unique backpack-wearing bicyclist Jared Fisher; RTC bicycle coordinator, Elvis singer and Henderson man Ron Floth; and engineer triathlete Montana-ite Jennifer Turchin.

You know it's hard to leave when a challenging ride like this goes so fast. Even cycling up "the Three Sisters" -- three super steep hills in a row around mile 16 -- didn't seem so bad.

The ride is what makes bicycling so special -- these four cyclists come from very different
backgrounds yet here they were, sharing a ride on a gorgeous morning in southern Nevada.

I love Jared and Scott for being the most prepared cyclists I know. Jared has the heaviest backpack in bicycling history, while Scott has his backpack and medical kit on hand with a few other goodies on his bicycle.

As we approached the Railroad Pass Casino, we thought about cycling right onto a moving tourist train -- but Ron, always the safety man, thought the better of it.

One final ride: Sunday morning at 8AM from Dunkin Donuts in Summerlin.

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