Sunday, December 16, 2018

Long Road Back Focuses on Moving Ahead to the Future

Late Sunday afternoon, I walked onto the Channel 3 set to chat with sports anchor Bryan Salmond and I couldn't believe the giant photos in the slide show that were as big as the room's back wall.

I gasped to myself when I saw my battered face that occupied a major section of the set's wall as part of the slide show.

I've come a long way since March 7, 2017 when a distracted motorist slammed into me, nearly killing me near Fort Pierce on Florida's east coast about 2 1/2 hours north of Miami. The size of photo caught me off guard.

It was a great experience to chat with Bryan at Channel 3.  Please click here to see the segment, Thank you Bryan for allowing me to tell my story.

It's been three weeks since the finished book I wrote on my comeback, return to Las Vegas and launch of  arrived at my Las Vegas home and promoting and selling, Long Road Back to Las Vegas: How Las Vegas and the Golden Knights healed a journalist's wounds.

In just the past few weeks, I enjoyed selling the book to friends in Tampa and Vero Beach, Fla. at book signings, reading a touching Facebook post by Vegas Golden Knights press box announcer Doug Marsh here in the Las Vegas area and a soaking up a touching review of the book by talented North Carolina writer Willie Drye.

Here's Doug Marsh's post:

Even Cameron Hughes, the sports arena fan igniter. offered a lovely and short review of the book:  "Great read. Inspiring! Full circle magic."

In addition, there was a fun time had by all talking and the book with Las Vegas sport radio personalities Brian Shapiro and Jason Dick -- We had a great time talking on their 6-8PM radio show on 720AM in Las Vegas.

It's been great talking one-on-one with people at book signings. The next book signing is set for Saturday Dec. 22 at the Giant Las Vegas bike shop in Summerlin at 2283 Rampart Blvd. Here's a flier for the book signing, which will follow the Giant Las Vegas Santa Hat Bike Ride.

Support people who write books by buying their books.

Long Road Back is $12 if you buy the book in person at a book signing and $16 if you would like me to ship you a copy. Email me at to arrange buying a book.

Or, you can buy the book on Amazon here.

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