Saturday, March 29, 2008

Biking To The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Today I logged 80 miles on the bike pedaling out to St. Petersburg from Tampa, then biking through St. Pete to the paved trail that takes you out to the skyway pier. Here is a spanking new paved path along Gandy Avenue that takes folks out to the Gandy Bridge and the Frindship Trail.

I biked with my bicycling chum Ellen, who is in training for the Police Unity Tour, a law enforcement memorial fund-raiser ride that ends in Washington, D.C. Ellen is organizing a local Police Unity Tour fundraising event at Hattricks bar in downtown Tampa on April 10.

I was astonished at how picturesque and accessible the paved path that you can take out to the Skyway park and pier. We biked for a solid five miles on the path, so it's a tidy 10-mile roundtrip just on the skyway trail. If you get the chance, I'd suggest a bike ride on the paved trail. You get great views of the skyway bridge.

Ellen is biking in the state park part of the pier -- and it actually cost us $2 just to bike for about a half-mile and be in "the park" for 5 minutes. A car costs $3.

The Skyway -- a helluva bridge.

Here's Ellen --a terrific friend and good cyclist. She's the local force behind the local contingent of law enforcement cyclists who ride the Police Unity Tour.

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