Saturday, March 1, 2008

SHBC's Family/Kids Ride

The Seminole Heights Bicycle Club's Family/Kids Ride this morning went well, as 17 bicyclists pedaled the neighborhood with a trip down to the Hillsborough River and a partial loop around Lake Roberta.

We had kids on bicycles; two trailers with kids inside; and a kid on a bike seat -- plus Steve Swiger riding high on the "Tall Bike" to the delight of young and old alike.

This is people coming together to bike in its purest grassroots form -- the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club has no fees, titles or hierarchy. We have a core of steering committee members who have stepped up to make this happen and I'm happy to be associated with these folks.

These bikes rides should be next to "Community" in the Webster's.

Here's Rick Hickman, who did a superb job developing the SHBC web site by the way.

A man and his wheels.

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greendog said...

What a beautiful day for a bike ride! Sorry I had to miss it, Looks like everybody had a great time. See you all on the next ride!