Saturday, March 15, 2008

SHBC Bike Ride To Downtown Tampa And Back

The Seminole Heights Bicycle Club biked new pavement this morning when some 30 bicyclists left the Garden Center on Central Avenue around 8:30 AM for an 11-mile roundtrip bike ride into downtown Tampa and back.

It was an amazing sight to see a long line cyclists making their way north on Florida Avenue as we headed back for Seminole Heights.

The SHBC wants to thank Mike Merino of Merino's Deli for preparing two trays of Cuban sandwich slices and cookies and Chuck Kaelin, manager of the Nebraska Avenue Publix, for providing water and bananas for a wonderful gathering after the ride.

Ken and Amy Sturrock on their signature tandem did a great job leading the ride. And we stopped at the Embassy Suites hotel in downtown Tampa for a 10-minute break, before swinging north to SH.

We posed for a team photo in front of the Embassy Suites hotel in downtown Tampa, about halfway through the 11-mile ride.

This is an amazing image -- check out that line of bicyclists pedaling north on Florida Avenue. When was the last time you saw so many cyclists biking on Florida Avenue?

Never -- until this morning.

We biked around some mighty big puddles on Florida Avenue, just south of the MLK intersection.

We're cycling north on Florida Avenue, just north of the Columbus intersection.

Florence embodies the spirit of the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club. She had to turn around when she realized she needed to do a bit more work to bike the route. But she was back at the Garden Center waiting for the riders and happily shared the joy of another SHBC ride.
Florence's photos are terrific


Jared said...

Hey Alan, thanks for the ride, It was really fun. Where is the video interview? :)

Mighk said...

In one photo the riders are single file and rather too close to the curb. This invites drivers to pass too closely. There's no reason the group couldn't have been two-abreast and taking the lane. Much safer and much more sociable.