Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Cycling-Dunkin' Donuts-Rays Scouting Report

Usually I slip a Power Bar or two in my jersey back pocket for a quick energy rush when I cycle but lately I've been gobbling up free Dunkin' Donuts thanks to a super Rays-Dunkin' Donuts promotion that encourages anyone to walk into a DD store and get a free donut the day after the Tampa Bay Rays win a game.

The Rays have been THE story in Major League Baseball this year, our lovable losers for 10 years playing before sparse crowds growing into the Kings of Baseball -- at least for the first half of the season. They have beaten the defending champion Boston Red Sox two nights in a row at The Trop and are looking to sweep the Wicked Ones out of the Bay area tonight.

So, let's just say I have stopped in a few DD stores while cycling the past few weeks because of the Rays new winning ways for a quick energy charge. Here is my scouting report for three Tampa area DD stores:

Best Service: The DD on Busch Blvd. just a tad east of 30th Street knows me so well that when I walk through the doors and a worker sees me, he immediately asks, "Which one Mr. Bicycleman?" In fact yesterday, he slipped in a little double chocolate donut action into a bag even when I was fourth on line. Now that's service my friends!

Best Smiles: Today I stopped into the DD store on Gandy Blvd near the Manhattan Avenue corner and barked out to the patrons, "Tampa Bay Rays, YEAH!" the workers loved it. I asked for apple and spice because as I told the workers, "The Rays are the spice of life." They loved that one.

Nasty Lady: The DD on East Hillsborough Avenue near 34th Street has a real nasty manager lady who makes everyone recite the score of the game to get a free donut when in fact all you have to do is say the Rays won and I'd like my free donut. That lady is downright nasty and sneers at me when I snag my free peanut donut.


Russell said...

Alan, as a long suffering Rays fan I appreciate your Rays reports and kind words. However, as a former native of NEW YORK, I have to wonder if you are a secret Yankees fan at heart ? The other evil empire.

Go Rays !

SWFBUD said...

Well, true I am a native New Yorker but my team is the Mets, not the Yankees. I enjoyed the Mets beating the Red Sox in the '86 Series and I enjoy the Yankees drifting into third place this year.

Marla...O.A.F. with altitude said...

Oh to have a Dunkin Donuts here!