Saturday, July 19, 2008

The SHBC's Chipotle Ride

On behalf of the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club, I want to thank Chipotle for hosting some 50 or so cyclists who biked this morning with the SHBC from the Garden Center on Central Avenue in Seminole Heights for free burritos and drinks at a Chipotle restaurant on Howard Avenue in south Tampa. I worked with local Chipotle rep Kim Higgins, who offered the promotion to spotlight the Garmin-Chipotle team that's competing in the Tour de France this month.

We had so many bicyclists that we split into groups based on speed. Margaret Shepherd was nice enough to lead a slower group of 14 bicyclists that biked around 12-14 mph and I led a second wave of 35 cyclists who were pedaling around 16-18 mph.

I can't tell how cool it is to see a group of 35 cyclists biking Tampa's tough streets, which are not exactly bicycle-friendly. Didn't matter today. We biked three miles through the streets of Seminole Heights before heading south along North Boulevard, Cleveland Street and Howard Avenue to reach the Chipotle.

Here's just one wave of cyclists --the faster group waiting at the light on Central Avenue and Hillsborough Avenue near Starbucks.

Here they come. It's chow time at Chipotle.

That's one serious line of bicyclists.

Jack Sweeney AKA The Ghost Rider broke out the vintage Bianchi road steed and Bianchi jersey for the occasion. He's chatting it up with Eric Smithers.

The Ghost Rider gets his burrito.

Eddie Escobar attended the Tour de Georgia and picked up some Chipotle logo gear, and proudly shows off the wares inside the Chipotle restaurant.

Angelo prepares to order his grub.

Kevin wears some sweet wool jersey action.

Eddie chats with Matt.

The USF riders were also well represented.

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