Friday, July 31, 2009

The Cargo Bike Hauls A Mighty Bounty From Fun-Lan

This morning I showed Bicycle Stories girlfriend the magic of the Fun-Lan Market at the 22nd Street drive-in and also the cargo-hauling power of my errand bike, a simple mountain bike I outfitted with two wide but smooth-tread tires and a sturdy rear metal rack that supports two big saddle bags for carrying all types of stuff.

We found quite the bounty of goods at ol' Fun-Lan, including two giant jasmine bushes that Bicycle Stories girlfriend acquired for the front of the Bicycle Stories house.

Check out the rig at full carrying capacity: The bike easily supported the two big jasmine shrubs atop the saddle bags that were filled with all types of fruits and vegetables.

My two saddle bags carried all this loot:

1 big watermelon
1 avocado
1 cauliflower
2 big bags of grapes
2 bags of carrots
3 zucchinis
5 tomatoes
3 pounds of apples
5 onions
1 box of stir fry mix
2 boxes of cookies
2 bottles of vinegar
3 cans of sauces

And to top that off, the cargo bike carroed two large jasmine bushes.


Steve S said...

nice wide are those meats?looks like thet balance the bike well...way to max those pannier capacity!I gotta get to Fun-Lan just to see the atmosphere..sure its nuttier than Oldsmar Flea by me!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

simply amazing how much stuff you were able to carry back back home on the bike!