Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SWFBUD Speaks Out In Favor Of Fixing Friendship TrailBridge

I just spoke on behalf of SWFBUD in favor of spending $15M to fix and re-open the TrailBridge instead of demolishing it for $13M.

For the others packed here at the meeting, the Friendship Trail is a priority and people who are speaking are saying they want the money spent to re-open the bridge.

The speakers are saying the health care angle is very important for users of the Bridge. Speakers are asking people to get involved to re-open the Bridge and for both counties to work together and come up with creative ideas for funding and potential revenue sources. They are opposed to tearing it down.

One speaker can't understand how a person's weight can bring down the Friendship Trail Bridge. Another speaker joked that he gained 35 pounds since the bridge was closed since November.

An engineer said the corrosion of the steel inside the concrete of the bridge would lead to the bridge collapsing.

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Anonymous said...

I've ridden in the traffic lanes at night. Gets the heart rate up. I'd have much preferred Hillsborough built the bike lanes and paths in county when they had money. The master plans were very encouraging. East and south Hillsborough are really nice cycling on a Sunday morning. That's about it. Thankfully Pinellas did what they have. Don't care about the Friendship. They have lots of parks they are closing because the fat cats need their paychecks and pensions the rest of us are losing every day to pay for this garbage.