Monday, July 20, 2009

Contador Displays Trademark Climbing Power Sunday

Wow, did you see Alberto Contador smoke the field in the Tour de France's alpine stage Sunday?

Even Lance Armstrong had to admit that he doesn't mind being a domestique after Contador's performance.Armstrong moved up to second place overall in the standings after the 15th stage.

Looks like the Spaniard, who won the 2007 Tour de France, is poised to win in 2009.

Armstrong's quotations told the story:

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm happy to be his domestique."

"A day like this really shows who's the best, and I wasn't on par with what's required to win the Tour. So for me, that's the reality, that's not devastating news or anything."

"I think being out for four years, and being one of the older guys out here, there might be people out there that expect me to ride like I did in 2004, 2005 — that's not reality. If I do another year, and I get a season under my belt, maybe we get that race condition back."

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EL SandPine said...

Sure did.. too bad his tactics are not the best for the team. He just may have ruined the chances of Kloden and Lance chance for podium. The young buk will soon learn what a Team is about.