Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bicyclist Killed In Valrico Early This Morning

Last year was a horrible year for bicyclists in Hillsborough County, where a dozen cyclists were killed. This year, much better. The number of killed bicyclists is two so far -- until early this morning, when a a bicyclist was killed in Valrico early in the morning.
Florida Highway Patrol says the bicyclist failed to yield a right-of-way at an intersection.

I'm aware of three bicyclists killed in Hillsborough in 2011.


Jose said...

Alan, I guess you didn't get the email I sent out on Wednesday, Sept. 7th, pointing out that a 14-year-old cyclist, Morris L. Taylor, got killed in Riverview on the night of July 28th. He tried to cross U.S. 301 in a crosswalk near Bloomingdale Avenue and rode out in front of a Dodge Ram pickup. He was riding with a 15-year-old boy who wasn't hit. Both of them were wearing dark clothes, and neither bike had lights.

So there have been four cyclists killed in Hillsborough County so far this year.

In Pinellas County, on the other hand, at least 9 cyclists have died because of crashes with motor vehicles so far this year. (By contrast, Hillsborough County had only 8 bike traffic fatalities by this time last year and didn't have its 9th until Kay Ishizuka was killed on Sept. 25th.) St. Petersburg alone has had 4 bike traffic fatalities so far, which equals the number of cyclists killed within Tampa's city limits for all of 2010. Hopefully, Pinellas won't end up having an even deadlier year for cyclists than Hillsborough did last year.

Pinellas County's 2011 bike fatalities that I know of so far:

1. Eugene Harry Murphy, 47, Largo, 3/1/11
2. Roger Soloman, 48, St. Petersburg, 3/3/11, (died 3/5/11)
3. Unidentified man, St. Petersburg, 3/13/11
4. Michael J. McGowan, 62, Palm Harbor, 3/16/11
5. Benjamin Kincaid, 85, St. Petersburg, 3/22/11, (died 4/26/11)
6. Abimael Santiago Cancel, 38, Tarpon Springs, 5/25/11
7. Gregory Gancarz, 55, Largo, 6/18/11
8. William Butler, 62, St. Petersburg, 6/24/11
9. Bettie Deetz, 86, Kenneth City, 8/25/11

Jose said...

Oops! The third line in that list of Pinellas bike fatalities should have read

3. Cleveland Armstead Burnham, 50, St. Petersburg, 3/13/11