Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SWFBUD Pleased With Local MPO Trail Approvals This Morning

SWFBUD appeared before the Hillsborough-Tampa MPO Board this morning to urge the board members to amend the long range plan to accommodate the construction of the proposed Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail beyween Tampa and Clearwater and to also approve a feasibility study of the Tampa Bypass Canal Trail road crossings.

I'm happy to report the MPO Board -- which is made up of Tampa city council members, Hillsborough county commissioners and other transportation agency heads -- approved both.

Here's my compatriot Jim Shirk, all-universe bicycle volunteer and chairman of the Hillsborough-Tampa Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, just completing his comments advising the MPO board to approve the Bypass Canal Trail feasibility study for crossings and to amend the long range plan to accommodate the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail.

Here's a Florida DOT staffer explaining an item about the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail.

MPO staffer Michelle Oglivie shows photos taken by SWFBUD on a bike ride along the Bypass Canal Trail, which is open to the public but grassy with some access but other more difficult access points at a few road crossings.

This is what SWFBUD wants -- a paved trail along the Bypass Canal. This is the prototype -- a half-mile section along the canal at the Bypass Canal Park east of Rt 301 and south of I-4.

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