Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Construction Site Protects Kay Ghost Bike

The construction crew at the USF entrance off Bruce B. Downs Blvd. protects the Kay ghost bike.


Clinton said...

I'm personally surprised it's still there as no official permission was ever given for it's placement. I guess no one wants to be the one that makes the decision to remove it. At some point it will be necessary though. Ghost bikes certainly won't last forever out in the elements. Between rust, vandalism, and accidents they're going to decay. Of all the ghost bikes in town Kay's in the only one that has a personal meaning to me. When will it be time to take it down? Kay was a good person with a promising future but when does a rusting bike frame cease to be an appropriate memorial. Is her's somehow more important and permanent than any other casualty to the Tampa roads? Ideally there would be no more need for ghost bikes. I certainly would prefer to never participate in erecting another. Do they gain or lose meaning and impact as the number of them increases. Several ghost bikes, not just Kay's, were erected last year with varying degrees of legality to the placement. When one that is not on private property and of questionable legality is removed do we have a legitimate claim to the outrage that will follow (I should hope it's obvious that a property owner that allowed the placement can remove it without deliberation).

sbo said...

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