Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bob Says Happy Holidays To Fellow Bicyclists

On my way back from Flatwoods, look who I bumped into: Good ol' Bob riding on 30th Street across from Busch Gardens. Bon rides an old Schwinn Sidewinder that he estimates has 97,000 miles on it. Bob rides it about 20 miles a day and has done so for 13 years now.

As usual, Bob warned me, "Watch out for the elephants on the road," and by elephants he meant cars.

Morris Bridge Road cuts through Flatwoods county park, which means a lot of wildlife such as boars and deer get whacked a lot by cars that speed more than 60 mph. This morning, I had the unfortunate experience of seeing this coyote lying in grass opposite the entrance to Flatwoods.

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Bike Jax said...

That's too bad about the coyote. I no idea they had already migrated that far south.

The appearance of coyotes in Florida is just another example of how much Texas sucks. Even the wildlife is leaving.