Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Climbing Temperatures and Climbing Hills

Talk about your soaring temperatures.

I was bicycling around 5:55 am today on SR 159 as I headed out to the Red Rock Scenic Loop.

It was a quite-pleasant 69 degrees.

About 20 minutes later as I started up the big hill on the loop, the temp was up to a pleasant 77 degrees.

Another few miles up the road and about 15 minutes later, it was up to a doable 83 degrees.

As it continued to warm up as I pedaled to the scenic overlook, about five miles into the loop, I did admire the gorgeous flowers at this early time of the day.

And about an hour and a half into the ride around 7:30am, the mercury hit 90, up from the 69 degrees when I started the ride.

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