Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pugsley Visits Rocky Gap Near Red Rock Canyon

Its's a gift to live so close to Red Rock Canyon and the 13-mile scenic loop, which meanders its way into the foothills of the Spring Mountains.

Lots of roadies follow the hilly scenic drive. But there aren't too many mountain bike, off-road opportunities for two-wheelers.

But there is Rocky Gap Road, an aptly-named bone-shaking rattler of a dirt and rock road that is a turn off the main loop and heads toward SR 160 toward Pahrump on the other side of the mountain.

I took my SINGLE-speed Pugsley fattie to check out Rocky Gap late this afternoon.

At the start of Rocky Gap is a fork in the path to take this trail. Bicyclists aren't allowed.

I loved Rocky Gap because it doesn't feel like you're the desert back in this notch of a shake, rattle and roll road.

The single speed can handle paved uphills. But the steepness was challenging.

This doesn't seem like Las Vegas, does it?

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