Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lost and Found On The Bike

1.  Bolts, Nails and Screws: It's an Ace hardware store out there. Back in Tampa, I collected so much metal hardware at intersections that I would collect the bolts. nuts and other items and store them in big jars. One day I sold a jar for $5 on Craig's List. No joke.

2. Gloves. They run the gamut from winter gloves to long-fingered mountain bike gloves to cut-off road cycling gloves.

3. Tools. I have a giant red tool box packed with the stuff I've found. Hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, wire cutters. One day I actually found two hammers in Tampa.

4. Wallets. I have found three through the years and I either try and contact the person or, if I can't find them, I mail them back to the address on the driver's license.

5. Loose Change. Mostly dimes now -- even more than pennies.

6. Baseball Caps. All teams, including several Florida Gator caps that I have given to Gator fans in Tampa. I even found a cap I HAD LOST! Yup, found an old cap a few blocks from my house in Tampa.

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