Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bike Lanes Next To Parking and Being Doored

It's hard to get bicyclists to agree on what they believe is the safest infrastructure.

Some bicyclists want bike lanes everywhere and well-intentioned obliging road planners plot bike lanes next to parking spaces in downtowns like this one in Las Vegas.

Other bicyclists want to bike just like they would if they drove a car.

These "vehicular bicyclists" have a great point about unsafe bike lanes and biking in the traffic lane because putting in bike lanes right next to parking spots is a recipe for disaster -- namely, being doored and hitting the asphalt.

Plus, cars routinely drive in bike lanes. Like here.

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Justine Valinotti said...

When I was "doored", I was riding in a bike lane.

One thing I've noticed--at least here in New York--is that a lot of drivers are angry that they have to "share" "their" street with cyclists. They resent having to watch for cyclists when they open their doors. I wouldn't be surprised if a few deliberately opened their doors in cyclists' paths.