Monday, September 7, 2015

Returning To Carson City For An Uphill Ride To Lake Tahoe

It was 32 years ago when I biked a heavy Schwinn LeTour with lots of gear across the country and I will never forget the climb out of Carson City on U.S. 50 to Lake Tahoe and then to Sacramento and San Francisco.

Today, for the first time in more than three decades, I returned to Carson City for a repeat performance of pedaling some eight miles with a six percent grade up to Spooner Peak at about 7,200 feet.

I have a nice light carbon bicycle with silky gear-changing parts -- a big difference from the Schwinn LeTour and the heavy red pannier bags and front bag from 1983.

Saw a sign on US 50 while heading up the mountain that also applies to bicyclists.

About four miles up the mountain I saw a little hint of Burning Man, which ended today.

I turned around at Tahoe and sped back to Carson City. What a view.

And let's say adios to good ol' Austin, Nevada, which had a restaurants with a certain political leaning.

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