Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Serene Beauty of the Sierras

After a hectic day of bicycling around Lake Tahoe, I relaxed with the serene and quietness of the Sierras along the US 395 corridor from Carson City to Bishop.

The landscape was a bit obscured by the smokey haze of wildfires.

But I did find time to squeeze in a trio of bicycle rides -- a 22-miler in the Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area, an easy 10-miler around Bishop and a 20-miler from Bishop to Big Pine and back. Here's  a great view of California 120 about 10 miles east of US 395.

I really like Bishop. It's an old-timey, throwback Sierra mountain city with retro motels, mom-and-pop stores on Main Street and a touch of funk.

There's a JC Penney store on Main Street -- you don't see that anymore. The local grocery is Bi Rite and it's also on the main drag a block from the main intersection in Bishop. A world-famous bakery called Erick Schat's Bakkery is another Maon Street anchor. And I thought this photo was a fun -- here's an art gallery and a book shop next to a meat market and a gun/ammo store.

The police station had a mural that paid homage to the good ol' days of the West..

And I grabbed a burger at this joint.

Check out the drive through action at the Burger Barn.

I love trying out the small, indy motels. Tonight, I;'m at a place called The Trees, with gorgeous wooden paneling in the rooms

The friendly motel manager, Bruce, a retired California Highway trooper showed me the collection of foreign coins donated by his many international guests. More than 35 different national coins are on display in the office, with one Vietnamese guest leaving a paper bill since she didn't have a coin.

If you're in Bishop, stay at this place.

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Ron Floth said...

Looks like fun Alan! Love those small towns without big box stores and chain restaurants..