Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thanks Teddy -- Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge Is A Serene Gem

Now that I am back in Florida I'm looking at nature with fresh eyes here.

This morning I pedaled the Surly Pugsley out to A1A and then connected with the Jungle Trail, a hard-packed dirt and sand road that was perfect for the Pugsley's ultra-fattie tires.

It's a road I have showcased before. But this time I pedaled north beyond the east-west Wabasso Road and took it to Pelican Island National Wildlife -- a gem of a have that was our country's first official designated wildlife refuge as part of the wildlife refuge system on March 14, 1903.

It's a magical place, with easy dirt and grassy trails and a habitat for more than 30 species of birds.

It has grown to 5,400 acres, has no visitors center and there are no day use fees.

Just quiet, serene nature.

You have Teddy Roosevelt to thank -- he was the man who made it happen as an official wildlife refuge.

I'll show you.

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