Saturday, June 4, 2016

US 1 Dangers in Vero Beach

So, you're riding your bicycle on US 1 heading south into Vero Beach and whatever little shoulder/not-really-a-bike-lane/strip of asphalt disappears and a concrete curb and gutter appear near 38th Lane in Gifford.

I'd be tempted to take the lane except the speed limit is 45 mph, which means the motorists are actually moving at 55 mph and I just don't feel comfortable taking a lane with cars moving at that speed.

So what do most people on bikes do around here. Why, they cross the four lanes of traffic and start biking on the sidewalk against the flow of the traffic on the northbound lanes.

Like these guys.

The Florida DOT did a commendable job on US 1 on the opposite end of Indian River County at the St; Lucie County line with nice infrastructure.

How about the FDOT get in there right here and fix this crap before a bicyclist gets killed.

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Hones said...

Yes, so much has been accomplished to make Indian River County a safer place for bicyclists and pedestrians but so much more still needs to be addressed in the name of safety and enjoyment. Please keep efforting the need for government to act immediately on behalf of all taxpayers in the interest of safety and the County as being a desirable place to live and work.