Thursday, June 19, 2008

America Bikes on Dunkin

A truly fatty sponsorship is the Tampa Bay Rays deal with Dunkin Donuts, which gives away a free donut to everyone the day after a Rays win. The Rays have been piling up the wins and I've been piling up the Hommer Simpson delicacies. This a real statistic -- the Rays have 42 wins after beating the Cubs last night, 5-4, and have lost only 29. An amazing 13 games over .500.

I promise you this: If the Rays clinch a playoff spot this year, I will personally lead a 100-mile Tour de Dunkin bike ride the next day on a route specifically designed to hit as many Dunkin Donuts shops as possible. I say America Bikes on Dunkin!

Today, I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts on Gandy Avenue in Tampa to pick up my free donut -- my favorite Rays victory donut, double chocolate. I got this fella to pose with the goods. Behind the laughs and donuts is the fact that bicycling is beautiful -- it allows you to make human connections, which is why I love cycling. And besides, it's a good way to stay in shape and save a few bucks (a lot of bucks) by not using gasoline.

Here's my Starting 9 Dunkin Donuts:

Leadoff -- Blueberry cake
Batting Second -- Bavarian Creme
In The Third "Hole" -- Double Chocolate
Cleanup -- Chocolate Glazed
Batting Fifth -- Peanut
Sixth Hole -- Chocolate coconut
Seventh -- Jelly filled
Eighth -- black raspberry
And batting ninth -- old fashion plain cake


Jeff said...

In the National League, the DH would have to be a pink iced donut with sprinkles.

Nik the Stik said...
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Nik the Stik said...

Alan, this a great blogspot. I have added it on my spot at Have Bike . . .Will Travel (
and will check back often. The Bicycle Bash sounds like it would be a fun time.