Sunday, June 1, 2008

Its starting to look like home...

Tampa! -- Alan just left the Barnes & Noble at Kennedy and Dale Mabry about 10 minutes ago. He's feeling good, and Ken Sturrock and Jennifer Anderson have joined us in another support vehicle. Right now the plan is to bypass the Kennedy --> Veterans issue with an 'up and around' replacement. Basically Alan is heading north on Dale Mabry to Hillsborough, West on Hillsborough to George, South on George to Memorial, and East on Memorial to pick up the end of the veterans that slings you onto the Courtney Campbell Causeway. He's making great time, too, having planned to be to Tampa by about 4:00 - 4:30.

I'm attaching some of the latest pictures even though they are a little old by now.

Alan at Falkenberg Road:

Alan crossing 301:

We park where we want to!

Alan getting ready to make the turn onto Kennedy from Adamo:

Alan at the Barnes & Noble:

Ken has his camera and hopefully at the next stop somewhere along the causeway we'll get some of his pictures uploaded. He and Jennifer were going to try to get some more 'action' shots ;)

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